10 Best Tips to Choose a Good Domain Name

Do you know that a good domain, like the domain sex.com was sold at $14 million in January 2006, while an average domain was priced less than $10 at that time? Domain name is the web address or name of your websites. It is the address of your website on the web, similar to the address of your house, the brand name of your business. See more about what is a domain name here. A good domain name is of the utmost importance whether you are looking for a domain name for your brand, online business or personal websites. To choose a good domain name is not easy. There are many aspects you need to consider if you want to choose a domain name for yourself.  In this article, we will share with you some tips or rules that are easy to follow and can help you select the right domain name for your websites and avoid common mistakes.

1.  Choose a domain name that is easy to remember

Finding a domain name that’s easy to remember, easy to type is the first rule you need to follow when you want to buy a new domain. There are millions of registered domain names on the web. How to make your domain memorable? Most short domains and keyword rich domains are already taken by others. If your website visitors and customers can’t remember your domain, how can they find your website or service on the internet?

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2. Keep the Name Short

Normally shorter is better when selecting domain names for your websites or blogs. Short domains are usually easier to remember. They are also easier for your visitors to type, and easier to spread out by your website visitors

3. Consider Keywords in your Domain

Search engines are very important channel to bring you website traffic. If you want your new domain name to get better and faster ranking with search engines, you should consider using keywords in your domain name. It is a good strategy to select the right domain name for SEO purposes. Meanwhile since the keywords that describe your business and the services you offer, it is much easier for your website visitors to remember and spread at the same time. If you can find an exact match keyword only domain name then you have a good chance of receiving some type in traffic to the domain as well. Remember the most expensive domain name about sex we have mentioned at the very first beginning?

When we say you should consider using keywords when register a new domain name here, they are domains not limited to EMD (exact match domains). Search engines begin to feel the Exact Match Domain is part of a wider attempt to scam internet users, thus you may not rank so well as before with Google and other SE using the keywords rich domains.

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4. Use your Brand Name in Domain

If you have a brand name that is already established and recognized by the public, you can simply use it as your domain name. Some good examples are apple.com, Lenovo.com, nike.com. By using your brand when picking up a domain name for your website, you can protect and build your brand as well. This prevents your competitors or domain brokers from registering a domain with your brand.

5. Can I use Numbers, Hyphens, Plural in domain?

As a general thumb rule, we should avoid the numbers, hyphens and plurals when choosing a domain name. Numbers are easy to be misunderstood for the letters. Hyphens and plurals tend to be ignored when one is typing a domain name.

6. Select the right Domain Extension

There are various domain extensions available when selecting a domain name, such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .hk, .uk, etc. Make sure to pick up the appropriate domain name extension(s) for your website and business. COM is far and away the most popular. Although the domain name extensions for specific countries may help you target your country or area, such as .us for the United States, .uk for the Great Britain, if you are looking for a domain name for a business, .com domain name is still your best choice. If you want to find a domain name for a NPO (non-profit organization), you should stick with a .org domain name.

7. A domain name reflect Geo-location or country

For local business owners, you should consider to reflect your Geo-location or area that you business can cover. It is good to search engine ranking and help your local customer to find and remember as well.

8. Not to register domains with trademarked names.

To avoid copyright infringementissues, make sure the domain name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted. The risk of a legal battle is not a risk worth taking.

9. Protect and Build Your Brand

To protect your own brand, you may register domains with various domain extensions, like google.com, google.cn, google.uk, etc. If you do not register it, your competitors or domain brokers may register it. You can also register misspelled versions of your domain name, such as the gooogle.com.

10.  Use a Free Domain Selection Tool and Act Fast

Domains are cheap, normally costs around $10 each. They sell very quickly. If you find the one you like, register it quickly. We suggest you to use free domain selection tool to search the domain names you want and some of them can also suggest alternate names according to your search. GoDaddy offers very good free domain search and selection tool. You don’t have to buy through their services, you do not need to register a free account in order to search and find the domain names available. GoDaddy is the most famous domain registrar in the world. Choosing a domain name using Godaddy instant domain search tool makes your search for the best domain name a snap! To look up a domain before you buy, you can click link below:

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