3 Effective Ways to Find Blogs on Google Blogger

New Blogger users may find it is difficult to find and read blogs from other bloggers. Google seems to have change this blog platform work in a different way from other blog service such as the most notable WordPress. So how to search bloggers with the same interest or find your interested topics on Blogger?

find people and blogs to read on Blogger

When you go to Blogger homepage www.blogger.com, you will be prompted to log in with your google account. After that, when you go back to your Blogger home page the URL is www.blogger.com/home, you will only see your own blog on Blogger. How to find bloggers relevant to your business, how to find blogs on Blogger to follow or comment?

You can use the ways as described below to find people and blogs to read on Blogger. There are many ways to find the blogs on blogger but these are probably the best and easiest.

Find Blogs on Google Blogger through blogger navigation pane.

This is a very easy way to find the blog on blogspot.when you are logged in Blogger, there will be a next blog button which you can click to find the next random blog. Mostly bloggers may use this navigation pane over the blog to discover blogs, but this way can not help you easily find blogs you are interested in. These are mostly random blogs, not the blogs with self interest.

Find Blogs on Blogger through Google blog search.

Google is the best way to find the blogs on blogger. To find a blog on blogger you can start the search from

http://www.google.com/blogsearch OR http://blogsearch.google.com

Find Blogs on Blogger through Google web search.

To find a blogger on Google you have to make the following queries in to the Google.

Keyword site:blogger.com
Keyword site:blogspot.com

Remember to replace keyword with your self interest word, it will show you the list of blogs of your interest

How do you find people and blogs to read on Blogger? Do you know other ways of finding people or blogs on Blogger? Share with us in the comment area below.


  1. Matt, I’m desperate. I’ve had my Blogger blog for years (flymetothemoon-sloane.blogspot.com.) After years Just now wanting to blog again and it’s all changed; I do not know how to post an image or make a paragraph, etc. Please help! I want to get started again!!

  2. I had a blog through blogger for years but after they switched to new templates that I hated, I moved to Tumblr and am much happier with it. It’s also more easier to post from my phone via tumblr app…blogger has one but it isn’t easy and you may as well be posting through your desktop.

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