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What is shared web hosting? Shared web hosting many people sharing the resources on the same hosting server(s). Each hosting account could be allocated with a certain amount of server resources or share the total amount, such disk space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, data transfer etc.

Shared Hosting Features

Shared hosting service has its merits compared to other hosting types, like VPS hosting. For example, the low cost makes shared hosting the most popular hosting kind among the different hosting solutions and plans in the industry. Many small business and individuals choose a Shared web hosting as the best hosting choice because they have small or medium sites to host and their budget is relatively tight compared to other large online business owners and companies. See best tips for small business hosting. A dedicated server may cost several hundreds of dollars per month, on the contrary, a shared hosting plan usually low priced around $10/mon. or less.

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Not only the low cost many people choose a shared hosting plan, but also other features make shared web hosting stand out from other hosting plan. A shared hosting is normally fully featured and easier to manage. It requires the minimum skills and time to set up your websites. For those web masters who do not have much experience, a shared web hosting is good to start with. Most shared hosting providers offer easy to use, all-in-one hosting control panel to manage all services. Many useful features are available with quality shared web hosting providers, like web based file manager, ftp support, email accounts, domain manager, and so on.

Since a shared web hosting has so many nice features, why would I need other hosting plans with much higher expense? There are disadvantages of shared hosting as well. It is not a good hosting solution for everyone. Although many shared hosting service providers claiming not to limit the resources you use or to provide unlimited hosting with unlimited resource such as disk space, data transfer, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. But bear in mind, your websites are to be hosted on the same server with many other hosting clients. You are going to share server resource with others. If one website uses too much server resources, the rest resource on the server will reduce; it will get worse if more websites consume more resources at the same time. Once all the server resources used up, the server might recycle the resource and your websites get restarted. A higher hosting plan such as VPS web hosting or even dedicated server hosting provides more guaranteed server and bandwidth resources, all the resources are exclusive for your own use. At the same time, you will get more privileges on a VPS or dedicated hosting plan. For instance, you have no way to get root access for shared hosting plan as it is a risk to other hosting accounts on the same server. On VPS or dedicated hosting, normally you can get root access and more advanced features.

How to Choose the Best Shared Hosting?

When choosing a share web hosting, the first thing you need to check with a shared hosting provider is their server types. For example if you build websites with Microsoft technologies and architecture, such as asp website, aspx websites, website, websites driven by MSSQL databases or ACCESS databases, or other CMS or software based on Microsoft tech like the popular DNN website, then windows shared servers or shared Windows hosting plan is the right shared hosting plan to select. If you need to host just php websites with or without MySQL databases, you need to consider a shared linux hosting. For very basic static pages hosting, HTML page hosting, you can go a shared windows hosting or Linux hosting, both the two sever types and hosting should fully compatible with it.

If you hired a developer to build your website, you can check with your web developer for website server type and other requirements. Also, you can go to consult a web hosting vendor, most likely they have all the answers you might want. If plan to contract a developer for a new website project, you can ask them for the details at the first place.

In some rare cases, your website may require some special components to be installed on the server. Consult your shared hosting provider see if they have it on their server, if not ask them if it possible to install it and how much would it cost additionally.

More tips that can help you find good hosting services:

Who are the Best Shared Hosting Providers?

Our Best Shared Hosting Awards goes to Bluehost for their best shared Linux hosting. On the shared Windows hosting part, Arvixe Windows hosting is the winner.

Best Linux Shared Hosting

Bluehost share hosting is well known for the fast web server, stable performance and low cost! They provide unlimited website, domain, email, hosting on the leading shared hosting plan. Plus you get FREE domain name registration!

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Best Windows Shared Hosting

Arvixe is awarded the best shared hosting for their quality Windows shared hosting solutions. Arvixe provides both Windows and Linux shared hosting, with the Windows hosting is far more popular.

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