Bluehost VPS root access

Bluehost offers managed VPS hosting server that is both powerful and easy to use. Every VPS configuration includes the improved cPanel packed with special tools for VPS management. It offers full access to your Linux server, giving you complete control of your VPS server. In this post, we will share with you a very easy way to get root access to your VPS server with them using the free FTP client, Filezilla.

To get the root access to your VPS account, log in your control panel, the cPanel. Then head to Performance >> Access Management. Here you can manage the root and primary user access to your VPS server. Set a password for the root user here if not yet.

In a related article, we talked how you can connect web server via secure FTP. A quick way to connect sever via SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol is to use the FileZilla Quick connector. You need to find out your server IP address from cPanel >> performance >> server IPs or refer to this guide to check server IP in cPanel. Then start FileZilla ftp client on your computer, type in your server IP in the Host, input root as the username and its password, use 22 as the port number, finally hit the Quickconnect button to connect your server via SFTP securely using FileZilla.

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