Change WordPress URL

edit site url in database wordpress

If you’d like to move WordPress from one site to another, or simply replace your WordPress site’s domain name or URL address with a new domain name, you can manage it in your WordPress easily. This article offers specific instructions of domain management for self-hosted WordPress blogs and websites. There are different ways you can change WordPress site URL, such as changing code within WordPress configuration and function files. In … Continue reading

How Fast is My Site?

Want to know how fast is your website? A fast website really matters. You need to test website speed regularly to ensure your website loads quickly. In this guide, we will list some of the best website speed test tools to help you check website speed, and offer tips to make faster websites.

Backup MySQL Database in phpMyAdmin

phpmyadmin mysql database management tool

In cPanel, you can backup a MySQL database with the built-in backup tools or use the phpMyAdmin tool. See how to backup sites in cPanel here. In this guide, we will show you how to backup MySQL database in phpMyAdmin. Backing up a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin is very straight forward, nothing tricky. How to Backup MySQL Database in phpMyAdmin Log on your cPanel account. A link to phpMyAdmin can … Continue reading