How Fast is My Site?

Want to know how fast is your website? A fast website really matters. You need to test website speed regularly to ensure your website loads quickly. In this guide, we will list some of the best website speed test tools to help you check website speed, and offer tips to make faster websites.

What local consumers think about your local business website

local consumers' attitudes towards local business websites chart

A lot of businesses nowadays have their own websites. But a website for your local business is not all you need for the success. You have to know what local consumers think about a local business website, where to optimize your site for local consumers.

How to View Website Statistics in cPanel with Bluehost?

view site stats using awstats

Bluehost offers both AWStats and Webalizer website statistics tools in their cPanel. You can enable web stats for your site in cPanel and view view your site statistics from there. How to View Site Stats in cPanel with Bluehost? Log on your cPanel with Bluehost; Scroll down to the Statistics section, you will find AWStats and Webalizer options; Click AWStats link to view website statistics using AWStats in cPanel with … Continue reading

Add Google Analytics to Tumblr

tumblr blog

Tumblr is a very popular bloggin service and social networking website owned by Yahoo. If you have a blog on Tumblr and you are interested to track your blog traffic, such as how many people visited my blog each month, what are the most popular posts on my Tumblr blog, then you should use a web stats tool. Google Analytics is such a website traffic and stats tool. In this … Continue reading