Change Name Servers with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the top domain registrar worldwide. Many website owners choose to register a domain with GoDaddy while host their website elsewhere. If it is the case for you, you need to change or point your name server settings in GoDaddy to the hosting server with your web host.

How to Change Name Servers with GoDaddy

Log in to your Account Manager with GoDaddy.

Under the Products menu click Launch button which is next to Domains.

manage domain godaddy

All you domains will be listed. Click Launch next to the domain you want to edit.

update domain settings with godaddy

In the Nameservers section of the Settings tab, click Manage link.

manage domain nameservers with godaddy
manage domain nameservers with godaddy

The Nameserver Settings screen will pop-up. Your existing name servers with GoDaddy will be displayed at the bottom. Now select the radio button for Custom, then click the Edit Nameservers link.

custom edit domain name servers with godaddy
custom edit domain name servers with godaddy

Now you have the chance to enter your new name servers. Contact your web host for the name server information if you are not sure. Once the new name servers input, click OK button to save and finalize the update.

change name servers with godaddy
change name servers with godaddy

Once you have made changes to your name servers at the registrar, there will be 24-48 hours of DNS propagation time during which your website and email may not be available. Nameservers can take up to 72 hours to propagate sometimes. Based on my experience, the change of name severs of newly registered domain name with GoDaddy takes just a while to take effect and the name server change for existing domains with GoDaddy might only takes couple of hours to propagate.

If your domain was purchased with GoDaddy and you want to host the domain on Bluehost servers, you can refer to this online guide to point name servers from GoDaddy to Bluehost.

If you are using shared hosting servers with cPanel as the control panel, you can also look up your name servers in your cPanel. If you are not familiar with cPanel, you should be able to find the name servers from your hosting server order confirmation email(s). Contact your web host through phone or live chat, you can get this information immediately.

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