How to check file hash on Windows PC?

Sometimes when you download a software installer, you may see a SHA-1, SHA-256 or MD5 hash displayed. It is a string of text allow you to verify the integrity of the file downloaded from the Web. Once you have finished downloading a file onto your computer, check the file hash to ensure you get the exact copy of the file that has not been altered from the original. In an earlier article, we demonstrated how to validate software downloads through checksums? Today, we will use another great file hash check in Windows 10 to show you how to check file hash, check MD5 hash, sha1 hash, sha-256 hash, sha-384 hash, sha-512 hash, etc.

How to check file hash on Windows PC?

ShareX is an open source program for Windows. It is best known as free screen capture for Windows users. You can find more details and download it for free from this link. Run the ShareX program on your PC, you’ll find it comes with many useful tools, such as Color Picker, Image Editor, Hash Check, QR Code Generator, etc. Go to Tools >> Hash Check, you will open the main screen of the free hash check tool like this.

sharex free file hash check for windows

To check file hash using this tool is easy. Hit the Browse button next to the File path box to select the file you like to validate. Select Hash type, MD5, sha1 hash, sha-256 hash, sha-384 hash, sha-512 hash, CRC-32, OR RIPEMD-160. Hit the Start button to check the file hash. The checksum will be displayed in the Result box. Compare the checksum of the downloaded file and the one provided on the website. If they are exactly the same, then you get an exact copy of the source file. You can also copy the checksum of the source file from the website and paste it to the Target box in the Hash Check, so it can automatically compare hashes of the two files. If the background color of the Target box turns red, it means they are different.

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