Convert website URLs to QR codes

QR codes can be found everywhere nowadays. You can pay or receive payments using a code code, book taxis buy movie tickets, shop in store or supermarkets, order foods, pay utility bills, pay hotel bills by simply scanning a code code. Code code provides us a easier way to transfer money in our daily life. It can be used for many other purposes as well. In schools, teachers put QR codes on classroom library books so students can find out more information about the author and or book. Visitors might see QR codes in tourist areas providing them information about the places they are visiting, old pictures of the place, information about an old tree, etc.

Creating QR codes is very easy. Google online QR code generator, you’ll find many web tools that can help create QR codes for you without any fee. In a related article, we used a QR code generator plugin for Firefox to convert website addresses into QR codes so you can use your phone to scan the QR codes and visit the same websites on your phone. See more details from this guide to send website URLs to mobile phone via QR codes. Recently I downloaded ShareX, a free screen capture tool for Windows, to record screen videos on my Windows 10 computer. It has a toolbox with all kinds of useful tools, QR code generator is just one of them. Today, I will show you how it can help website masters or Windows users to convert website address, or any URLs to QR codes using this free QR code maker.

How to convert website URLs to QR codes using ShareX on PC?

You can download this free screen capture for Windows here. Then launch it, click Tools >> QR codes.

sharex tools - qr code converter for windows

Its QR code encoder and decoder opens like this.

sharex free qr code maker for windows

By default its free QR code maker opens. To convert a website URL to QR code using this tool, you just need to copy the website URL from your browser address bar and paste it into the URL box in the QR code creator. The QR code will be generated instantly. Right click on the QR code, you can save it as an image file on your computer.

Scan QR code using mobile phones

QR code images are machine readable. You need to download a QR code reader or scanner app on your mobile phone. Some chat apps, notably the WeChat, can also help us scan QR codes on mobile phones. You can follow this tutorial to scan QR code on iPhone using WeChat or this guide to scan QR code on mobile phones using its Android version.

Decode QR code image – Convert QR code into text

If you do not want to scan a QR code image using your mobile phone, but want to know that information contained in it, you can download a QR code decoder to read it. The above QR code maker can also help us convert QR code image into text.

Switch from the Encode to the Decode mode, you will have the option to add your QR code image to decode or simply scan or capture your computer screen to quickly decode QR code images. It works like we copy text from images using this screen capture.

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