Create Full Website Backup In cPanel

Website backups are very important to every webmaster. You should back up your websites regularly, in case there is any server crash you can always restore the sites from backups. How to back up website? How can I make full backups of my sites? In this article, we will talk about how to create full website backups in cPanel.

A lot of website hosting service providers now provide cPanel to their hosting clients. With cPanel, it is quite easy to do a full website backup. Log on your cPanel. Go to the Files section, then select Backups, it is easy to follow from there. You could also use the Backup Wizard. Both of them are very simple to use. Click on the “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup” button from the backup setup interface that comes up. This will help you back up everything including your web files, MySQL databases, emails, configurations, etc.


Now here you’re gonna have to tweak a few things. If you created a backup before, it will be listed in the “Backups Available for Download” section. Those who are doing a backup for the first time will first have to generate a backup archive. There’s two things that you can tweak, Backup Destination and you can optionally add an email address to receive notification about the backup status. Backup Destination allows you to save the backup to your home directory or to a remote FTP server. Backup is transfered automatically to a remote FTP host.

Since this is a full backup in cPanel, including websites, databases, emails and so on. It may take a while to complete. So when you have a lot of things to back up, be sure to add your email address so you can continue doing other work while the backup is created in cPanel, and when it completes, you’ll be notified via email.

Once the backup finishes, you can see it in the “Backups Available for Download” section in cPanel. From there you can download it and save it somewhere on your computer. This is very useful when you’re moving to a new hosting provider who also offer cPanel.

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