How to find router IP address in Windows 10?

Sometimes you may need access to your home router to change its settings, update the firmwork, restart router or else. For this purpose you will have to find out its local IP address first. Read the instruction booklet that came with the router, the default IP address of the router should be found there, or check the label at the back of the router for its IP. Typically the default router IP address should be something like,, or There’s no default IP that all routers use though. In this article, we will show you how to quickly locate the IP address of router on a Windows 10 PC from the Command Line.

Steps to find router IP address in Windows 10

There are different ways to find your router’s IP address as we mentioned above. The easiest way would be using the ipconfig command in Microsoft Windows Command Prompt. It allows you to get the IP address information of the computer, router, etc.

Right click the Start button in Windows 10, choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the pop-up menu, then type in ipconfig and press enter.

windows 10 command prompt ipconfig

When you execute this command line in Windows 10 Command Prompt, you will see a lot of information about your Ethernet adapter, Wireless LAN adapter, etc. Search for the Default Gateway IP address which would be your router’s IP address. Note that the IPv6 and IPv4 is the local IP address of your Windows 10 PC.

find router's ip address in windows 10 via ipconfig command

Access router admin from web

Once you have found the IP address of your router, open your web browser, enter the router’s IP address into the address bar and visit, you will be asked to login using the username and password. The default router login credentials can usually be found from its manual and/or label. Most likely you may have already changed the admin password. If you can’t remember the new password, you can reset the router so as to get the admin access using its default login information. Once logged into the web interface, you will be able to edit your router settings.

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