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When you sign up for Linux hosting service, an IP address will be assigned to your hosting account automatically. You need this server IP address to upload site files to server, resolve domain DNS, etc. For example, we’ve discussed how to change DNS A Record with GoDaddy so as to point your domain name to the right server. After that you will no longer need to modify the nameservers of your domain. In a previous article, we showed how you can create an FTP account in cPanel with Hostgator. When you want to connect to server via FTP, you’ll have to figure out your server IP address in advance. This post will talk about where we can find server IP address in cPanel, one of the most widely used hosting control panel solution for Linux hosting.

Where can I find server IP in cPanel?

To look for IP address of your server in cPanel, log into your hosting account control panel with the username and password. We’ll use Hostgator, our web host of choice, in the demo. If you’re using other Linux hosting services that also support cPanel, the same procedure should also apply but differ slightly in layout or settings.

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Once logged in, you will see three columns in the cPanel with Hostgator. Go to the right column, scroll down a bit to locate the General Information section where you can see the essential info about your hosting account and server. The primary nameserver, secondary nameserver, site IP and other important information will be displayed there. Site IP is what you are looking for. You can now map your domain to this server IP address if not yet, connect to your server using an FTP program with this IP.

find domain nameservers, site ip, server ip address in cpanel with hostgator

Note that almost all web hosts would optimize cPanel to suit their special needs. Thus the layout, settings may diff across different hosting services. You can also refer to this tutorial to lookup server IP address in cPanel if interested.

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