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In the business sites hosting industry, Inmotion is not a big name, but a good one. Their web hosting packages can fit most businesses. Even the company’s surprising cheap shared business hosting plans provide us FREE SSDs, more than 400 free applications with 1-click installers, and best of all, free domain name to get you started.

We review many web hosting services. Inmotion host tops our picks for affordable business level shared servers. Starting from $5.99/month, you get the reliable hosting service that you can trust. You can’t go wrong with more than 24,000 customer compliments in 2015. From billing to support, they will get you covered in a friendly and instantly manner. This time, we will look at its low-cost Launch shared hosting plan that costs merely $5.99/month. We’ll see what we can get in this plan and why Inmotion host are rated four or five stars by so many users.

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Server speed should be considered when choose a hosting service. Some good web hosts begin to deploy SSD drives in their servers because this new technology can make your website load much faster. Statistics shows SSD drives can be up to 20X faster than traditional spinning drives. In motion invest a lot in this technology. SSD drive is included in all their hosting packages. When many of its competitors charge you extra money for hosting sites on SSD drives, Inmotion offer SSD drive for free.

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With Inmotion, you can find many items that other charge, but they don’t. Free domain is just another good example. A top level domain costs around $15/year. Inmotion include one free domain even if you subscribe their entry-level hosting plan which costs only $5.99/month. Every site on the web requires a domain name. You do not need to buy a domain for your site with a domain registrar, Inmotion hosting plans come with free domain for you.

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You may already know that compared with site building, the domain registration and site hosting are really cheap. If you want to hire a web developer for site construction, you’ll be charged at least $500. That’s why many individuals and small businesses choose to build the websites by themselves. In the help of websites builders, sites CMS, site building becomes much easiers. Even laymen without any coding knowledge or skills can set up a website without a little time and effort. Inmotion has been committed to open source for years. They have ongoing sponsorships to today’s most popular open source programs, notably WordPress, Joomla, B2evolution, Prestashop and more. They also support great software and developer communities. They offer more than 400 web apps you can use to design your own sites without any fee. Sign up the $5.99/month Launch account, you have access to all of them. That said over 23% websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, the world’s leading open source CMS. If you don’t know how to create a website, this tutorial to set up WordPress site in cPanel with Inmotion can get you started. It is super easy to start a new website from scratch using this site system. It is highly scalable and easy to manage. The ideal site builder for all skill levels. If you are not comfortable with a database-driven sites and prefer static websites and pages, you can use your own website builder to create the website locally on your PC and then upload to Inmotion hosting servers through FTP. You can also build a static site using HTML templates, CSS templates and host them on Inmotion web servers.

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Except the above features, Inmotion may also surprise you with industry leading 90-day money back guarantee, free site buckups, secure IMAP email that is accessible from any devices, SSH access, Google apps integration and more.

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