Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

In consideration of choosing a website hosting service, a shared web hosting, especially the unlimited shared hosting, is favored by thousands of web masters, web developers, individuals and small business. It is one of the most popular web hosting server types. However a shared web hosting does not work out for all users. It has its own pros and cons. Before you make up your purchasing decision of a hosting package or server type, you should find out its advantages and disadvantages at first. Is the shared web hosting suitable for my websites? Check out below list of both its strong and weak points.

Top Pros of Shared Web hosting

Easy to set up and manage websites

Shared web hosting is very easy to use, even beginners without hosting experiences can get started with a shared web hosting immediately. You do not have to configure the server by yourself. All shared hosting service providers will set up the shared server, install and upgrade all necessary software. They will also monitor the servers to avoid downtime, fix security issues to ensure the server safety and website uptime. As a shared hosting user, what you need to do is to add your domains and website to their server, manage your own stuff with provided hosting control panel and other tools from your web host.

Normally the best shared hosting service providers, like Bluehost, Justhost, Arvixe, can set up your hosting account instantly. Once you made the payment, you can start using their hosting service immediately. See how you can build a website with Hostgator quickly.

If you choose a dedicated server however, it takes couple of days for your web host to set up the server. They will only set up the OS of the server, if you like additional configuration or custom service, you have to pay extra fee for that.

Low cost web hosting

Shared web hosting servers and packages are the cheapest hosting server solution. By sharing the server with other hosting customers, your websites are hosted and running with other websites on the same server. This can greatly shrink the hosting expenses. You need only to pay for a small portion of the whole server cost.

Shared web hosting is the best choice for small to medium websites with low budget and those without strong tech background to manage dedicated servers. Check out more shared hosting benefits here.

Main Cons of Shared web hosting

Less server and bandwidth resources

Since your websites and domains will be hosted on the same server with other hosting accounts, you will have less server and bandwidth resources in comparison to those dedicated hosting servers. Thus once your website gets very popular, you have to migrate it to dedicated server for fast access and stable performance.

If other websites on the server are using too much server or bandwidth resources, your websites will be affected as well. You can’t choose your neighbors on shared hosting server environment. Although your web host will keep watching the shared server and its performance and take necessary action to stop those websites consuming too much system resources, you have the more downtime risk. If you do not want to be bothered by those ‘bad neighbors’, you should consider a dedicated web hosting.

Poor customization flexibility

As shared web hosting servers have many websites on same server, you will have less privilege to access and manage the web server. This is good at most of the time, as it can prevent unauthorized changes to the server that may affect other websites or hosting users on the same server. For advanced hosting users who need more permission to customize and configure the server, this could be a deal breaker. For example, if you want to assign a static IP address to your website, you will find many shared hosting plans do not allow it. Let’s take the most popular shared hosting service provider, Bluehost, for example. They offer two shared hosting packages, the basic shared hosting and advanced shared hosting. The basic plan does not support static IP. If you are in need of it, you have to choose or upgrade to the advanced shared hosting package. You can’t install some server script to the shared server either. Unlike a dedicated server hosting environment, you have the full permission to access and configure the server including those server system software and scripts.

Do you use any shared web hosting for your websites or blogs? Share your views and suggestions in the comment below.


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