Quick Start Guide to Website and Hosting for Beginners

When I started my blog as a beginner with very limit website and hosting knowledge in 2009, I met a lot of troubles in choosing a good domain and selecting a reliable web host. In this guide, I want to share the very basics of website and hosting with those without much related experience or knowledge.

At this moment, you are setting in front of your computer surfing the website with a web browser, or using your smartphone, tablet or other portable devices to browse the web. Have you wondered how does a website work?

How Does a Website Work?

A website is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain, hosted on at least one web server. You type in the domain name of a website in the address bar of a web browser to access the website. A website consists of web pages, the name of a website is called domain name, the place where a website is saved called servers. The tool you use to access a website is a web browser.
website web server internet

How to create a website?

When starting a website, you’ll need a web design. Unless you’re a developer, you may opt to hire someone to design your website, or use web templates provided by your web hosting company. Nowadays CMS is the most popular and free of charge method to build websites. Popular CMS you can use to build websites easily including WordPress, Dropal, Joomla and many more. WordPress is probably the easiest one for beginners. Once a website is built, you need to find a good name for your website.
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Buy a Domain name for your website

You must have a domain name for your website. It is the URL address where your website will be located and accessed. Normally a domain costs around $15/year. You can however sign up a web hosting account with free domain here. Your website and domain need to be hosted on a web server, a machine runs 24 hours a day to respond to a browser’s request for a page, and deliver the page to the Web browser through the Internet.

What is web hosting?

Web servers are the very powerful machines that save your web pages. Web servers are connected to the Internet by very powerful connections, enabling your website visitors from around the world to access your web pages any time. A web host is the company who provides web hosting services and solutions.

How to choose right web servers and good web hosts?

Windows server, Linux and Unix are common server types. For newbies with a basic website then the server type does not matter. Beginners are recommended to choose the Linux or Unix servers that are fully compatible with Apache and PHP. As Apache and PHP are the major website technology, a lot of website scripts, platforms and CMS runs very well on Apache and PHP environment. There are many different server types, like shared server, VPS server, dedicated server and more, check this page for more: web hosting services and server types.

web servers Dell
web servers Dell

To choose a good website hosting server and service provider, you have a lot of aspects need to consider, check out this 5 tips for selecting a reliable web host. For website and hosting layman without much experience, shared web hosting server is always recommended. Shared web hosting has its cons and pros, they are most suitable for small to medium websites with lot of easy to get started tools for beginners. Here you can find the best shared web hosting.

How do I get my web site online?

When your website is made and saved on your local computer, you need to upload it to your web server and point your domain to the directory where you web pages are saved. FTP tools, like FileZilla, CuteFTP can help you transfer files between local machine and remote server. Your website hosting service provider may also offer online tools to help you upload and download files. Nowadays, one-click installers are very popular with both professionals and amateurs. For website and hosting beginners, we strongly recommend you go for a free open source CMS. Your web host should offer a wide range of various options for you. WordPress is the one which this web host review site powered by. See this guide to get started quickly: Creating WordPress Blog with BlueHost. A lot of other web hosts also support WordPress, such as Hostgator which is also famous for budget shared server with fastest server. Check out this page: Easiest Way to Install WordPress with Hostgator.



  1. Thanks for your informative article. I think most free web hosts impose advertising on your website. This is done to cover the costs of providing your site the free web space and associated services. Some hosts require you to place a banner on your pages, others display a window that pops up every time a page on your site loads, while still others impose an advertising frame on your site. There is really no hard and fast rule which is to be preferred: some people hate a pop-up window, other webmasters dislike having to stuff banner codes into their pages, and many people cannot stand an advertising frame (which may cause problems when you submit your website to search engines). Whichever method is used, check that you’re comfortable with the method.

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