Install WordPress using QuickInstall

install wordpress using quickinstall

QuickInstall is an in-house script auto-installer provided by HostGator to their hosting customers. It is included in all Hostgator’s Shared hosting plans. Dedicated and VPS plans with cPanel can also be enabled with this popular script auto-installer. QuickInstall is the easiest WordPress installations and management tool ever. Typically to manually install a WordPress site on server requires from 5 to 10 minutes for skilled WordPress user. With QuickInstall in cPanel … Continue reading

How to Install WordPress Manually in 5 Minutes?

wordpress manual install

There are different ways to install a WordPress website on your web server. In this guide, we will introduce the classic WordPress 5-minute install. You will not need any third party WordPress auto installer. You can download the official WordPress installer from WP official website, upload and install it on the web server with your web host. All the steps can be done manually by yourself, alone. The manual installation … Continue reading