How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress site, Theme or Plugin?

Update: with the release of WordPress 4.7, you can now directly add extra CSS to WordPress themes without any plugins.

Are you running a WordPress website or blog? Every WordPress instance requires a theme. Chances are you will find it is very hard to find a good theme for your WordPress that can meet your needs. And you may want to change this or that from time to time. Then you will find your WordPress theme does not allow you to edit what you want to modify. You can go to edit WordPress theme files from the WP dashboard. However you may not want to cause troubles. As editing WordPress theme files directly may cause serious problems on your site. Thus you have to back up the WordPress theme or create a child theme for WordPress. What’s worse, by editing WordPress themes’ code or editing plugins’ code directly, the custom CSS you have made will be overwritten when you upgrade WordPress theme or plugin or change a new WordPress theme. The easiest way to add simple custom CSS to WordPress site, theme or plugin however is to install a WordPress custom CSS manager plugin and add CSS tweaks to WP plugin instead. So you can custom WordPress theme without editing WordPress theme files. If you made any mistake in the code, you can simply delete the code within the WP plugin. If you want to restore WordPress theme to what it was before, you can just disable or delete the custom CSS plugin for WordPress. What’s more, you can also use it to custom WordPress plugins. If you changed another WordPress theme, you can still choose to keep the custom CSS valid with the new theme.

How to add custom CSS to WordPress site, theme or plugin?

We recommend you to install the Simple Custom CSS plugin for WordPress. Log on your WordPress control panel as administrator. Go to Plugins >> Add New. Then search ‘simple custom css’, install and activate this custom CSS WordPress plugin on your site.

install simple custom css wordpress plugin

After that you can find the Custom CSS from WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Custom CSS. Go to add your own CSS style in the box and click Update Custom CSS button to save the change of your new CSS code or styles. Go to the front page of your WordPress site, refresh the page to view and confirm the WordPress style change.

simple custom css plugin allows you to add custom CSS styles to wordpress theme or plugin

Do you own a WordPress website or blog? If not yet, you can refer to this guide to create a WordPress site automatically in just 3 minutes.

WordPress Simple Custom CSS Plugin Features

  • No configuration needed
  • Simply install and activate it from WordPress dashboard, no further configuration required.

  • Useful Code Syntax Highlighter
  • Helps you directly write the code within WordPress dashboard without openning a separate code editor.

  • Simple interface built on WordPress UI
  • Easily access it from WordPress control panel >> Appearance >> Custom CSS. Just one page where you can plop your CSS in. Extremely easy to use.

  • Virtually no impact on site performance
  • It will not slow down your site, as no complicated database queries need.

  • Allows Administrator access on Multisite

Extra WordPress Custom CSS Tips

To prevent code changes to WordPress themes or plugins, some WordPress admin may disable WordPress theme editor or plugin editor in dashoard. In such case, you are forced to download and install a custom CSS plugin if you want to customize the style or design of WordPress theme or plugin. Many WordPress themes allow you to edit the theme or add custom CSS code in a section which is normally called ‘custom CSS’ under ‘Theme Options’. You can also make changes to WordPress theme from there. You can use the custom CSS WordPress plugin and built-in custom CSS with the theme at the same time or transfer the custom CSS code between them. For enormous change of WordPress site or theme, a child theme is still recommended. For small changes to your theme or plugin, quick CSS tweaks, this Simple Custom CSS might be your best option.

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