Add Flickr Photos or PhotoStream to WordPress

WordPress has made the photo embedding from Flickr, Instagram and other photo hosting and sharing websites very easy and intuitive. You can now add Flickr Photos to WordPress websites or blogs in just one click, just like you add Instagram photos to WordPress. If you host images for websites with Flickr and want to display them on your websites or blogs which is powered by WordPress, you can follow below instructions. From this guide, you will learn how to add Flickr photos to WordPress posts or pages, add Flickr photostream to WordPress or add Flickr feed to WordPress sidebar or widget areas.
flickr and wordpress

How to Add Flickr Photos to WordPress?

The easiest way to add Flickr photos to WordPress post or page is to insert media file from URL. Firstly visit Flickr website to find the photo you like to display on your own WordPress site or blog. Open the Flickr photo page, copy the link to the Flickr photo from your web browser address bar. Log on WordPress dashboard, go to Posts or Pages to create a new post or page or open an existing one. Then you will find the Add Media button above the WordPress post or page editing window. Click on this button, you will open a pop-up Insert Media dialogue as below.  Click Insert from URL link from the left menu list, then paste Flickr photo URL into the box on the top. WordPress will then load the Flickr photo automatically. Preview the Flickr photo in WordPress, then click the Insert into post or Insert into page button at the bottom right corner. Save the edit of WordPress post or page, go to view the change in your web browser and you are done.

add a flickr photo to wordpress

How to Add Flickr Photos to WordPress with Embed Code?

You can edit a WordPress post or page in either the Visual or Text modes. If you like to embed Flickr photos to WordPress through code, go to switch to the TEXT or HTML code editing mode, then manually add the embed code into WordPress with your Flickr photo link, see below sample code.

flickr photos to wordpress embed code

Want to set up a photography website but do not have a web hosting yet? Would you like to host photos and pictures all by yourself other than Flickr for more control? You can refer to this best photography website hosting for more useful information.
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How to Add Flickr Photostream to WordPress sidebar?

Instead of adding fix Flickr photos to WordPress post or page, sometimes you may want to display Flickr photostreams on WordPress sidebar. To add Flickr photostream to WordPress sidebar, you need to install a WordPress Flickr plugin or Flickr widget plugin for WordPress. We recommend Flickr Badges Widget for its simplicity. Unlike many other Flickr WordPress plugins, you can add Flickr feed to WordPress without authentication. It meas you do not need to log on your Flickr account to authorize any app, you can simply display Flickr photostream from any Flickr account or users, it does not have to be your own.

You can go to WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New to search for this Flickr photostream WordPress plugin. Then install and activate it. After that, go to Appearance >> Widgets, find this Flickr photostream widget, drag and drop it to your sidebar to activate it, see below screenshot.

activate wordpress flickr widget flickr badge

It is the easist free WordPress Flickr plugin to display Flickr photostream in WordPress sidebar. Click the down arrow besides the Flickr widget, you can see its settings page as following.

wordpress flickr widget flickr badge settings

Display your Flickr latest photostream in WordPress widget area or sidebar becomes extremely easy with this plugin. Just put your Flickr id and your widget ready to lunch. That’s to say, you just need to copy and paste any valid Flickr ID in the settings screen above, click Save, and you are done. It is just that easy to add Flickr photostream to WordPress sidebar or widget or add Flickr feed to WordPress. By the way, you can find Flickr ID at any Flickr photo page or photostrea. For example, if the Flickr photostream URL link is “”, then the Flickr ID is “12345678@N08”.

Other options are all optional. To make Flickr photostream displays in a way better for your WordPress site, you can change photo numbers, image size, display order either from recent or ramdon. Most Flickr users may want to show their website visitors the latest image or images. Some users may also a random selection. This might be a better way to add Flickr photostream to WordPress website or blog sometimes, as your visitors may find new pictures each time they come to your site even if you have not shared new photos in Flickr website for a while.

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