Add Google Analytics to Blogger

To add Google Analytics to Blogger, you need to add your blog home page to your Analytics account just like you add any other websites or domains to Google Analytics. Then you need to insert Google Analytics tracking code to your Blogger account. In this guide, we will show you two different ways to add Google Analytics to Blogger accounts.

Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Add Google Analytics to Blogger via Analytics Web Property ID

Since both the blogging and analytics services are powered by Google, Blogger offers very good support to the Analytics. To add Google Analytics to Blogger, you can simply input your Google Analytics tracking ID to your Blogger account. Log on your Blogger account, go to Settings, then Other, at the very bottom of this page, you will find a Google Analytics section with a Analytics Web Property ID box.  See below screenshot.

add google analytics to blogger via analytics web property id

Insert your Analytics Web Property ID into the field as shown above, click Save Settings button on the top. Then your Google Analytics and Blogger accounts are integrated. You can start tracking and analyzing your blog’s traffic using Google Analytics.

How to find out my Analytics Web Property ID?

Log on your Google Analytics account, you can find Google Analytics Web Property ID from the Admin page >> Property column, see below screenshot.

get google analytics web property ID

The above method is the easist way to add Google Analytics to Blogger blogs. Just like adding Google Analytics to other websites or CMS, such as adding Analytics to WordPress or Joomla, you can also use the same way to add Google Analytics to Blogger blogs or sites, very similar instructions for different websites or platforms deployment.

Add Google Analytics to Blogger by Editing Template

Firstly go to get your Google Analytics tracking code from Admin >> Property >> Tracking Code. See before image.

get google analytics tracking code

Then log on the control panel of your Blogger account. Click Template on the left menu, your current blog template open on the right. Click Edit HTML below your Blogger template preview image.

edit html code of blogger template

Your Blogger template file opens. You can copy and paste Google Analytics tracking code into your Blogger template, right before the closing head tag or the closing body tag, it’s your preference. Save the template when you are done.

insert google analytics tracking code to blogger template

Google Analytics and Blogger Integration Tips

Your blog URL on Blogger would be something like:,, or, etc. You can add it to Google Analytics just like you add your own domain name or website URLs.

A shortage of integrating Google Analytics with Blogger blogs via editing template file is that, you may need to upgrade your Blogger template or change Blogger templates in the future. You may lose many of the changes you previously made to your template, including the inserted Google Analytics tracking code. In such case, you need to repeat above steps to add Google analytics tracking code to Blogger template again whenever a template uprade or a new Blogger template change. Thus adding Analytics Web Property ID is the safe way to add Google Analytics to Blogger blogs.


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