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Tumblr is a very popular bloggin service and social networking website owned by Yahoo. If you have a blog on Tumblr and you are interested to track your blog traffic, such as how many people visited my blog each month, what are the most popular posts on my Tumblr blog, then you should use a web stats tool. Google Analytics is such a website traffic and stats tool. In this guide, we will talk about how to add Google Analytics to Tumblr blogs? Check out the easy to follow instructions to add Google analytics to your blogs on Tumblr.
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How to Add Google Analytics to Tumblr Blogs?

Similar to Google Analytics and Blogger integration, Yahoo Tumblr provides very good support to Google Analytics. You can easily integrate this analytics service to your Tumblr blogs.

Log on your dashboard from, then click Customize button to customize your Tumblr blog theme. Don’t worry, you do not need any coding knowledge.

customize tumblr theme

Now you are in the theme editing page on Tumblr. Many Tumblr provides a section that you can input your Google Analytics Web Property ID. See below screenshot.

add google analytics id to tumblr theme

To add Google Analytics to Tumblr blog, you can simply add your Google Analytics Web Property ID into the theme option of your Tumblr blog.  When you add your Tumblr blog URL to Google Analytics account, you will get such an ID. See below figure.

get google analytics web property ID

Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Tumblr Theme

Another way to add Google Analytics to Tumblr blog is to insert your Analytics tracking code into Tumblr theme file. If your Tumblr theme does not have the Google Analytics ID option, you can use this method instead. When you logged in to your Tumblr dashboard, click Customize button to enter into the theme editing page. You will find a link Edit HTML right below your Tumblr theme name.

edit html of tumblr theme

Click Edit HTML link, you will be redirected to a page like this.  Below screenshot shows the source code of your Tumblr theme. You can copy your Google Analytics tracking code and paste into the closing body tag of your Tumblr theme file.

insert google analytics tracking code to tumblr theme

If you have trouble locating the Google Analtyics tracking code for your Tumblr blog, take a look at below figure.

get google analytics tracking code

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