AppServ FAQ

AppServ is a free Windows program helps us configure the server environment, with Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin services, on our local computer. So we can test our websites, themes, plugins, database on local machine. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions above this program.

Install AppServ on Windows 10 computer
Install AppServ on Windows 10 computer

What is AppServ?

AppServ is a windows program that can turn your PC into Web Server and Database Server by installing Apache, PHP, MySQL services on your local machine.

Which is the latest version and its key features?

At the time of writing, AppServ 9.3.0 is the latest version, released on 2019-09-29. It is packed with Apache 2.4.41, PHP 7.3.10, MySQL 8.0.17, phpMyAdmin 4.9.1. It supports TLS,SSL or https. Support Only Windows 10 64bit.

What’s the default User & Password to login phpMyAdmin?

It is ‘root’ and its password. When you setup AppServ on your Windows PC, you will be prompted to enter password for the root account.

How to change the password for root?

Go to Windows Start menu, find AppServ from All programs list, click to expand it, you will see a series of shortcuts there. Choose Reset MySQL Root Password Password open it in a command line prompt, enter your new root password, press Enter key on your keyboard to change it.

Or you can run below code to change MySQL user password,


Which directory should I upload my site files to?

The Root directory for web page files is AppServ/www

How to access my website on local machine?

Visit localhost using a web browser on your computer to access your local website.

How to manage my databases on computer?

AppServ provides us phpMyAdmin for database management. You can login your MySQL server using root user and its password from http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/index.php.

What’s the installation folder for AppServ?

By default, it will be installed to C:\AppServ and you can choose a different location during the setup progress.

You can change a different disk and create a new folder for AppServ if like. But we found it is problematic to install AppServ to a subfolder. For example, you can install it to c:\AppServ, d:\AppServ, but you can’t install it to C:\Program Files\AppServ, or other subfolders, like C:\software\AppServ. When we install AppServ to Windows Program Files folder, even the Apache service can’t be started, so we can’t open localhost from web browser. When installing AppServ to other sub-directories, we ran into MySQL server login failure issues. In case you can’t visit localhost, start Apache, start MySQL, connect the MySQL server or login MySQL root account from phpMyAdmin when you installed AppServ to another location, you can uninstall it and install it to its default directory see if any help.

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