Avoid Duplicate Meta Description for WP Posts

SEO is an important factor with our WordPress website marketing. Many WP themes do not only offer elegant, stylish design, useful functions and features, they do a lot more than the design and function nowadays. Many SEO features have been built in WordPress themes. This is cool feature, in addition to a nice WordPress theme, we get extra bonus. But this can cause SEO disasters, duplicate meta description for WordPress posts and pages is an example.
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I have a web hosting review site which offers reviews of Linux, Windows servers, and some SEO tips for webmasters and bloggers. This WordPress site is built with a WP named Mantra. And for SEO purpose I installed WP plugin name Yoast WordPress SEO. But from Google Webmaster tools and the source code of my posts I reliazsed the meta descriptions are all duplicate in each WordPress post.

Avoid Duplicate Meta Description for WP Posts

In my hosting website, there is a conflict of the same SEO item managed by both WordPress theme and SEO plugin. To fix the duplicate meta descriptions wordpress, I choose to disable the relavant SEO settings in my WP theme and let the WP SEO plugin to handle it.

Steps to avoid duplicate meta description for WordPress posts:

1. Log on WP dashboard.
2. Go to Appearance >> Nantra Settings >> Miscellaneous settings
3. Disable the SEO title, description settings or leave them to manual settings so when you compose a WP post, you can simply ignore them.

Duplicate Meta title or description Using other WP themes

You should expect similar settings or options in other WordPress themes.

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