Backup WordPress site on Bluehost VPS server

VPS, which stands for virtual private server, is a server option between shared server and dedicated server. If you have a simple or new website, you can start off the traditional shared hosting server. If you want more server resources, better performance servers, faster website speed but do not want to pay several hundreds of dollars a month or don’t have the technical skills to manage a dedicated server, VPS is the best choice for your website.

Bluehost VPS hosting service offer managed VPS hosting that is fine-tuned for beginners. In an earlier article, we showed you how to create a WordPress site on their high-performance VPS server. Today, we will discuss how a WordPress site on VPS can be backed up.

Why back up? Your website data is at risk from threat or damage even with the most reliable server and the most secure operating environment. We suggest you to make backups regularly so you will have the ability to recover from a critical data loss.

However there is a relatively high price you need to pay for the web hosting company to do automatic backups for you. Fortunately many managed VPS hosting service providers offer the backup software in the box to enable customers to backup their website files, databases and other data stored on the server. These backup tools come with all the functionality required for general backup application and are usually tailored for beginners. Check out the details below.

Backup WordPress site on Bluehost VPS server

Log on your VPS hosting account, click cPanel, then scroll down to the Files section and click Backups.

cpanel file management tools on vps server bluehost

In the next page, you can find options to download full website data backup, all website pages and files saved on web server, or backup any or all databases. If you have just one website hosted on the server, backup and download the home directory of your WordPress site and the database for your WordPress.

download mysql database backup from vps server using cpanel

When you host several sites on the same hosting account but want only to backup any specific WordPress site, you can backup the database in the cPanel > Files > Backup page, then go to download website files from cPanel > Files > File Manager.

vps server file manager cpanel bluehost

This is the place you can manage all your website files online without a traditional FTP client. This web-based VPS server file manager can do almost anything you want. You can create new files and folders, delete/rename/move/copy/compress them, extract zip files, upload & download files and much more. To backup certain WordPress in your VPS account, select your WordPress site root directory, then click Compress to generate a zip file, then download the compressed backup file from VPS server to your computer through the File Manager. Alternatively you can also connect to VPS server using a FTP client to fetch the website backup file.

Third-party WordPress backup solutions

You can also manually install a WordPress backup software or plugins for the task. WordPress plugins are bits of software that can extend and expand the functionality of our WordPress site. Check out following article on backing up and downloading WordPress files and database and this tutorial to backup WordPress with a plugin.

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