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In an earlier article, we showed you how to add Hostgator email account to Windows 10 computer so you can check emails on your PC using the stock Mail app without the need to log in your mail account from the web each time. Reading spam messages is a waste of time. Other than putting the unwanted emails in junk or Spam folder, is there any way to block the unwanted sender and not receive any messages sent from his/her email address? Today, we will introduce you two easy ways to block unwanted email senders and prevent spams from the cPanel with Hostgator. Spam Assassin and Email Filters are effective ways to filter your email to prevent repeat spam.

How to block certain email addresses using filters?

From your control panel >> Mail section, you can find Global Email Filters and Email Filters that you can use to fight against spams. The former applies to all your email accounts in the cPanel, the latter is email account specific.

If you have only one email account and want to block email from a specific sender, you can create a regular email filter other than the global filter. Click Email Filters, find your email account and click Manage Filters >> Create a New Filter.

create email filter to block email address in cpanel with hostgator

Choose an unique filter name. Under Rules, select From from the first drop-down menu. In the adjacent drop-down menu, select equals. In the large, blank box below the drop down menus, type the full email address you need to block. Under Actions, select Discard Message from the drop-down menu. Click Create to complete.

Setup more spam filters and rules

You can add multiple rules to match subjects, addresses, body or other parts of the message to make the filters more aggressive. Then add multiple actions to take on a message.

How to Enable SpamAssassin in cPanel?

Log in the cPanel with Hostgtor. Scroll down to the EMAIL section. Click Apache SpamAssassin, then click Enable Apache SpamAssassin if it is currently disabled. Once SpamAssassi has been enabled on your account. You can go to configure the different settings of it, such as turning on the spam auto-delete, enabling spam box, etc.

Enable Spam Box

Sometimes you may need to enable the spam box so you can double check those emails to make sure no emails are incorrectly tagged as spammer.

If enabled, the Spam Box will deliver any emails that the system identifies as spam into a separate mail folder named spam. This spam folder will fill quickly. You should empty it regularly.

Manually add email addresses to blacklist or whitelist

Click the Apache SpamAssassin button at the bottom to change the email SpamAssassi configuration. If someone has been incorrectly tagged as spammer, add the email address to the whitelist; if spams were not tagged correctly, add them to the blacklist.

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