Bluehost ticket support discontinued

Ticket and email support, along with phone support, live chat support, are the most popular ways customers can get help from web hosting providers. You will love it especially when you are hosting websites with a hosting company overseas. We have several sites hosted with Bluehost, a well-known budget shared hosting service provider and we are at the stage to upgrade to a higher hosting package for more server resources. Today, when trying to submit a ticket their support team, as their live chat service is slow and sometimes just not work at all, we found they have discontinued the ticket or email support.

bluehost ticket support discontinued

Phone call support and live chat support are both instant communication tools. Email support or ticket support is the best one for customers in different countries or timezone. It is not a good idea to give up the ticket or email support. This will cause many inconveniences for overseas customers.

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  1. I also found it outrageous to discontinue ticket and email support. Those are major channels available for non-emergency issues. Apparently Bluehost wants everyone to hunt through its knowledge base, and we all know how cumbersome and often useless that is. What this will definitely do is tie up phone and chat even more, thus severely impacting support. This degraded service is apparently not noticed by all the reviewers who still rank Bluehost so high as a hosting service. Support is a key element and should be part of a review.

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