Bulk Transfer Posts from One Category to Another

WordPress allows you to bulk move posts from one category to another category. Sometimes you may have misplaced a WordPress in a old category, then you want to relocate and move the posts to a new category. If you have this trouble, you can continue reading the rest of this WordPress guide.

Steps to Bulk Move Posts to a New Category

  1. Log on to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click Posts from the left side menu bar
  3. Click All Posts from the expended menu list
  4. Tick to select the posts you want to move to a new category
  5. wordpress posts bulk edit

  6. Click Bulk Actions to expend the jump down menu and select Edit
  7. Click Apply
  8. Select the new category or categories where you would like to transfer the WP posts to.
  9. Finally click the Update button to move WordPress from one category to another
  10. bulk move wordpress posts to new category

Now you have successfully moved WordPress posts to a new category. If you do not want the old category, you can go to delete it from Posts >> Categories section. To move WordPress posts is just that easy, you do not need any plugins for that.


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