Cast photos, videos, music from a Windows 10 PC to TV

Want to stream videos, movies, photos and music from PC to HDTV with Windows 10? If you have stored a lot of media files on your desktop or laptop and you own a HDTV, you may want to play the media files using your TV with much bigger screen. Windows 10 has built-in apps to help you easily stream videos from PC to TV, play music saved on PC through TV, cast photos from PC to TV. Before you proceed to stream or cast media files from computer to TV, make sure to connect both your PC and TV to the same wi-fi network.

Cast photo, video, music from a Windows 10 PC to TV via File Explorer

Run the File Explorer which you use to browse and manage files and documents on your computer, find the video, music or picture file you like to play to TV, right click on the media file, you will get its context menu, select Play To from the context menu, your PC will then search for the compatible devices nearby, then choose your TV from the compatible devices list. Now go to watch the photo or video from your TV or listen to the music playing on your TV.

cast video to device from windows 10 media player

Stream music, video, photos from a Windows 10 PC to TV via Windows Media Player

Click the Start button in Windows 10, choose All programs, scroll down to find and click to launch Windows Media Player on your PC. Your media library opens by default and you can find the categories of music, videos, photos from the left panel of windows Media Player. Find the media file in your media library, right click on it and choose Cast To, then choose the networked device you want to play it on. In this case select your TV to cast the selected media from PC to TV big screen.

If you can’t find the photos, videos or songs in Windows Media Player, go to open the folder where your media files reside in File Explorer, select the files, drag and drop them from Windows File Explorer to Windows Media Player.

Stream videos, movies from PC to TV via Movies & TV

Movies and TV is another built-in app in Windows 10 which can also help you stream videos from PC to TV over Wi-Fi. Launch the Movies and TV software on PC, you can view added videos by thumbnails, click to play a movie or video in Movies and TV, click ‘Show more options menu’ (three horizontal dots) from the bottom right corner of the video playing window, you will see a pop-up dialogue with three options: 1) Cast to device; 2) Zoom to fill; 3) Repeat. Choose Cast to device and choose your TV in the connection dialogue, your selected movie will be played from the computer to TV.

movies & tv app to cast videos to device from windows 10


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