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Add Google Analytics to Joomla

add google analytics to joomla

Add Google Analytics to Joomla site is very easy. Basically what you need to do in order to install Google Analytics on Joomla is copy the Google Analytics tracking code, then insert the tracking code into your Joomla site template…

Google Analytics Not Provided

Many web masters who use Google Analytics to track their website traffic and stats may be confused of the ‘Not Provided’ and ‘Not Set’ in their report sheets. A lot of searches are from keywords that are ‘Not Provided’. What…

Redirect Blogger Posts or URLs

We suggest bloggers to build and host their blogs on their own paid service other than a free blog hosting service, like Blogger or As with self hosted blogs, you have more freedom to configure just anything you might…

Check Google Sandbox Effect on your website

google sandbox panelty free checker online
Check Google Sandbox Effect on your website or domain with free Sandbox Checker online. Check out your website status and Seo performance with Google. Ways to get out your website from Sandbox included.