Change Chrome Language

Similar to other web browsers, Chrome allows its users to change to another language easily. You can change Chrome language to English or any other language from its language settings interface. If you are using IE or Firefox, refer to this guide: Change your browser’s language for IE, Firefox or else. Basically you an follow below steps to change Chrome language:

  1. Go to Settings pane in Chrome;
  2. Add new language to Chrome;
  3. Display Chrome in the new language;
  4. Restart your Chrome to let the change take effect.

Following are the details with screenshots and a Youtube video guide at the end.

How to Change Language in Chrome?

First start your Chrome browser on PC. Open the Chrome menu from the right top corner. Once you click it, you will see a drop down menu list. Select Settings from the item list.

chrome settings menu
The Settings pane open in the middle of the web browser. Scroll down to the bottom, and click Show Advanced Settings button. There will be a section allow you to manage Chrome languages. See below screenshot.
chrome language settings
From the Languages >> Change how Chrome handles and displays languages, click Languages and spell-checker settings…, you will see the Chrome language settings and management dialogue. See below figure.
change chrome language
If your preferred language can be found in the language list, then you can click to highlight the language, then go to the right column and click the Display Google Chrome in this language button. Click Done button at the bottom to save the change. Now close the browser and open it again. Your new language should be displayed in Chrome.

We have also made a YouTube video guide below, do not miss out.

Change Chrome Language – Youtube Video Guide

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