How to change primary domain with Hostgator?

Have you ever wondered how to change the default domain in your account with Hostgator? If so, you are not alone. While most users keep their primary domain untouched all the time, sometimes you may need to change it, be it for expired domain, wrong domain, renew primary domain, or whatever other reason, especially for the Basic Plan which only accept one domain name in the same account.

Hostgator customer portal allows users to easily manage main or primary domain, without having to contact their support team. Instead you can update the primary domain name all by yourself.

This article will teach you how to change the current primary domain to a new one in your hosting account with Hostgator. Note that this demo is for the Linux hosting servers other than Windows hosting servers. We use a shared Linux hosting account in this guide. Also this setting or option can only be found in the customer portal or billing portal other than the hosting control panel, cPanel. The hosting panel allows users to manage add-on domains, not primary domains. See how you can add new domain to Hostgator shared hosting.

How to change primary domain with Hostgator?

Log into your Customer Portal with email and password. The My Account tab opens by default. Click Packages, click the gear icon to open the actions menu on the package you wish to edit and select Change my Domain. See below screenshot.

change primary domain hostgator shared hosting

Now you should see the Change Primary Domain page. Enter the new domain name without the http:// or www in the New Domain box, click Update Domain button below.

add new primary domain hostgator shared hosting

You will then receive a notification indicating that your domain change was successful, as illustrated below.

Domain update successful! This change will be reflected in your cPanel immediately.

Primary domain update tips:

  1. Updating your primary domain from the customer portal will change it on both the server and in billing.
  2. Adding new primary domain will not register a new domain. That’s to say, you will need to register the domain name again if not yet.
  3. If you have subdomains set up on your current primary domain, or your primary domain’s site uses a CMS like WordPress or Joomla that uses specific configuration file settings, then changing your domain name may cause issues with accessing your site.

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