How to check for updates in Windows 10?

You should keep your Windows OS up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. If you were a new Windows 10 user upgraded from an earlier version recently, you might be confused how to check to see if there are any updates to apply. Windows 10 has made the system upgrade easier. It will automatically check for new Windows updates, download and install any security updates available. Meanwhile, Windows 10 let users defer upgrades to your PC so new features won’t be downloaded or installed instantly. This however does not affect Windows security updates. For security updates, you do not need to manually check for updates in Windows 10. If you want to check for any new features in Windows 10 and get the latest features as soon as they’re available, follow below instructions.

How to check for updates in Windows 10 and manually upgrade Windows system?

To manually check for updates on Windows 10 PC, click the Start button, and then click Settings >> Update & security >> Windows Update, you will see a screen like below.

check for updates windows 10 pc

Note: To access Windows Update on Windows 10 computer, you can simply type “Windows update” without quotes in the search box on the left corner of your computer screen, then click the Windows Update shortcut that appears.

Click Check for updates to manually check for any available Windows updates. If Windows Update says your device is up to date, then no need to upgrade as you already have all the updates that are currently available.

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