How to connect to FTP servers using MiXplorer on Android phone?

Need to access an FTP server on the go without a computer? A dedicated desktop FTP program is usually feature rich. But if you need only to transfer several files between your server and mobile device, make small changes to certain files, a FTP client on computer is not necessary. You can download an FTP app on the mobile device to connect FTP servers for file transfer.

MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a FREE, fast, smooth, and full-featured file manager for Android with FTP support. You can download this free app from XDA developers Android forum here(requires signup).

Create FTP account on server

You can create an FTP account from your hosting control panel. If you are using cPanel, it would be very easy to create new FTP users. From the main page of cPanel, go to Files section, select FTP Accounts. Once the FTP accounts setup and management screen opens, you can add new FTP accounts at the upper section of this page. Existing FTP users will be listed at the lower section. Refer to this tutorial to create FTP account with Bluehost, one of the most popular shared Linux hosting. The same procedure works with other cPanel hosting services as well, such as Hostgator, Inmotion Hosting and so on.

Android phone to connect FTP server

Connecting your mobile phone to FTP server using this app is very easy. Launch the app on your phone or tablet. Tap the Add (+) button from the bottom menu bar to bring up the menu with options to create folder, file, keystore, symbolic link, dot file, add new storage, etc. Choose Add storage from this menu.

connect to FTP servers using MiXplorer on Android phone

You will see all supported servers, cloud storage from above list. Scroll down to reveal more options. Tap FTP(S, ES). Then type in your FTP server IP or domain name, FTP username and password on the next screen. Tap Save button to add the FTP server to your mobile phone.

After that, you can access the FTP server from its Bookmarks. Tap the Menu at the top left corner of this free file explorer app on your Android phone to open the Bookmarks. Your FTP server will be on this list. Tap to connect the FTP server. You can create files on your FTP server, open and edit files, copy files from phone’s storage to FTP server to upload, download files from FTP server to your local storage on the phone.

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