Connect to hidden WiFi network from Mac

Wireless routers have the option to broadcast or not broadcast wireless networks. It is enabled by default so you can easily find and connect to the Wi-Fi network from other devices. Some users however don’t want their neighbors to see their Wi-Fi networks. Anyone wants to connect to a hidden network have to find the hidden network details first, including SSID (Wi-Fi network name), security type, security key(password for Wi-Fi network). Joining hidden or invisible Wi-fi networks from the Mac is simple. You can follow below instructions.

Click the Wi-fi icon at the top right corner of your Mac screen to pull down the Wi-Fi networks list. The hidden Wi-Fi network can’t be found from the list. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, find and click Join Other Network, see below screenshot.

join hidden wifi network on mac

The Find and join a Wi-Fi network window pops up. Enter the name of the hidden Wi-Fi network, case sensitive, into the Network Name field. Click the Security drop-down menu to select the right security type. Enter the Wi-Fi password into the Password field. Tick the checkbox before Remember this network so you can automatically connect to this hidden Wi-fi network in the future without typing the network name, password. Click the Join button to connect.

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