Create a FREE Website with Weebly

For those who are looking for free website builder and hosting service, we recommend WordPress and Weebly. We have discussed how to make a WordPress site before. In this article, we will review another free website making and hosting service, Weekly. You can create a free website with Weebly following below instructions.

Important Note:
Weebly Free site builder and hosting has many limitations, such as you will not able to have your own domain, Weebly will put ads links on your site footer and so on. You can refer to this guide for the details about Weebly site builder and hosting. If you a loyal Weebly users and would like stick to it, but at the same time, you are not satisfied with Weebly pricing and limited hosting features, you can actually choose to build sites using Weebly site builder while host on Bluehost reliable servers.

Create a FREE Website with Weebly

Open, you will see the sign up box immediately.
signup weebly free website making and hosting

Input your full name, email address and choose a password, then click the Get Started button in blue. You will be taken to a page like this:

build site blog store for free with weebly

Now you have the choice to select site, blog or store, you can build site, blog, store for free with weebly. In this guide, we will show you how to build a free site with Weebly, so click Site, you will be taken to another page like below.

choose website theme on weebly

Now you can browse through the already made beautiful website themes, choose the theme you like. You will get the domain selection page.

choose website domain on weebly

Domain is an essential part of a functioning site. You can build a website, blog or store using weebly free website building and hosting service. But to make it online so others can browse your site, you have to attach a domain to the site. You have different domain choices, you can use a free domain provided by Weebly, it would be a subdomain, like If you want a more professional online presense, you can register a new domain with Weebly. You can also connect a domain you already own with your site on Make the domain selection, then click Continue button in orange.

plan or build site on weebly

Now you will see a short get started video. Both newbies and experienced users should spend couple of minutes to watch this video guide. Also you have the chance to use Weebly website planner in this step. If you like to start building your site immediately, click Build my site button in blue. For newbies that do not have any website building experience, you can click Plan my site to follow the tips and instructions offerred by the Site Planner.

Site Planner will help you think through your site and give you ideas and inspiration for how to best use Weebly to bring your vision to life. It’s full of tips, examples and step-by-step video tutorials that will guide you through the process of creating a high quality site that achieves your goals.

Click Build my site, you will open the main site editing window and you can build your free website, blog or store with Weebly now.

build free website with weebly

It is very easy to build a free website with Weebly. They are mainly click and edit, drag & drop operations. Go to create your own account and check it out by yourself, we will not show you the details about website editing in this guide. After you build a site from start to finish, you need to publish it online.

publish website on weebly

The publish button can be found from the top right corner of the free online website builder. Before you hit this button, you should see two icons in front of it, a desktop view icon and a mobile view icon. Since more and more users are using a mobile device to access the internet nowadays, you may want to know how does your site look like on a mobile device. Click the mobile view icon to preview your site.

The mobile editor lets you see and customize how your site looks on a mobile device! Edits made to your mobile site are automatically synchronized to your website and vice versa.

If you do not like how your site looks like on the mobile view mode, go to make changes accordingly. Then click the Publish button to put your site online.

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