Create short links in WordPress with Jetpack

Short links are useful for sharing in emails, Facebook messages, Twitter and other social platforms. If you have a WordPress based site, there are plenty of plugins to create short links to your WordPress blog posts or pages. The Jetpack plugin, made by the WordPress team, is an all-in-one solution for WordPress sites with free and premium features. It offers free shortlinks feature which you can activate to directly get short links in WordPress editor.

To activate the short links feature, log on WordPress Dashboard as admin, then navigate to Jetpack > Settings > Traffic and toggle the switch labelled Generate shortened URLs for simpler sharing in the Shortlinks section.

enable shortlinks in Jetpack plugin for WordPress

Now go to Posts or Pages, to open a post or page with the built-in editor. In the edit screen, click the green Jetpack icon at top right to open the Jetpack sidebar: You’ll then see the shortlink url under the Shortlink section. Simply hit the Copy button to copy the shortened URL to your post or page to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you like to share.

get shorten URL, short link in WordPress editor > Jetpack

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