Create Simple Email Subscription for WordPress Site

Want to create a simple email subscription for your WordPress site? You can easily create a email subscription or newsletter with a plugin without any coding knowledge. In this article, we will be using Mail Subscribe List plugin for WordPress to create a simple email subscription form for WordPress site.

Here is how the mail subscription looks like in the front page.

simple wordpress email subscription form

Note that except the email form for subscriber to enter their email addresses, you can also display a name form. However the name form would be unneccessary in a newsletter subscription as normally when you collect the email addresses, you would like to send out bulk emails as part of your email marketing strategy. All the email subscribers and their email addresses can be found and managed from your WordPress site admin, the WP dashboard.

How to Create Email Subscription for WordPress Site?

Step 1. Download and install the mail subscribe list plugin for WordPress
Log on your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugin section to search and add this plugin for website email subscription.

install mail subscribe list wordpress plugin

Step 2. Activate WordPress Email Subscription
You can go to WordPress dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets section to enable the Email Subscription for your WordPress site. To activate the email subscription widget simply drag it to your website sidebar, normally the right sidebar.

activate mail subscribe list wordpress plugin

Step 3. Configure Email Subscription
Before you can display the mail subscription on your website front pages or post, you need to customize it a little. See below figure.

configure mail subscribe form wordpress plugin

From above screen, you can input the title for the website subscription form, you can choose something like ‘Newsletter’, ‘Subscribe now’. Header Text field, you can describe further what the form is about, why your site visitors should subscribe your website. You should also write a ‘Thank you message’ so when your visitors submitted the form with their email addresses, they will see this thank you message. Optionally you can choose to display the name field in the subscribe form as well.  Go to customize other fields or options as needed, then click the Save button when you are done.  Go to preview your website in the front, you should see the email subscription displayed like the first screen capture at the very first beginning of this guide.

Step 4. Manage Email Subscribers

Log on your WordPress dashboard, you should see a Subscribers section from the left navigation panel. Here you can find all mail subscribers, their email addresses will be in the list. See before screenshot.

wordpress email subscriber admin

More Email Subscription Tips

This plugin can be used not only for Mailing List subscriptions but also generally for collecting email address from website visitors.

The name/email form can also be displayed on any WordPress page by using its WordPress shortcode [smlsubform].

This is a simple WordPress email subscription plugin without many features. For example, it does not allow you to compose and send HTML newsletters to subscribers, no mass emailing or double opt-in, no option to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published. If you do need these features you can use other premium WordPress mail subscription, newsletter, or mail marketing plugin. This free email subscription however can be integrated with other email newsletter or email marketing tools. You can export the email addresses or subscribers’ addresses as CSV file, then import it to other email marketing tools, such as Mailman, phpList, DadaMail, etc. See how to create mailing lists and send mass emails here?


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