Cursor moving to left using Type Tool in Photoshop

I was adding text to an image using Photoshop CS 6, and the cursor moves to the very first beginning of all letters I type and the last symbol always shows in front of the text. Do you have the same trouble when typing text using the Type Tool in Photoshop? Is your cursor moving to the left automatically when you input text in English in Photoshop? The paragraph direction may be the trick. If you ran into this problem, go to Type menu from the top, choose Panels from the drop-down menu, select Paragraph Panel from the sub-menu in Photoshop. Alternatively click the Paragraph button in the right pane to quickly open the Paragraph Panel, see below screenshot.

enable left to right paragraph direction in Photoshop

enable left to right paragraph direction in Photoshop

Make sure the paragraph direction in Photoshop is set to “left-to-right” other than “right-to-left“.

Note: you can find the paragraph directions at the lower left corner of the paragraph panel, just above the “Hyphenate” check box.

Try to type using the Type Tool in Photoshop again, now you should see the cursor always at the end after the previous letter or symbol you typed in.


  1. This happened to me when I inadvertently set the VA tool (type spacing), in the Character menu, to -1000 instead of -100. Instead of closing up the letters it sent them in a backwards direction! Check this before all the other more complicated solutions!

  2. Right click on Photoshop Icon> Properties> Compatibility> Change high DPI setting> Check box on Override high DPI Scaling behavior > Application > ok apply ok

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