Delete domain from VPS server with Bluehost

You can use cPanel to manage website files, domains, database and emails with Bluehost hosting service. Adding a new domain to VPS server is as easy as you setup a domain on a shared hosting server. If you want to discontinue a site or domain, or replace an old domain with a new one, you may want to remove the old domain from your VPS server. Unlike other VPS hosting services, to delete a domain from VPS hosting with Bluehost, you will need to firstly delete all sub-domains associated with the top-level domain, then unassign it from associated directory, finally delete it on the VPS server using cPanel. Here’s how.

Delete sub-domains if any

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a main domain. For example, is the root domain, you can create subdomains, such as,, etc. To delete subdomains from your VPS server, log on your hosting account with Bluehost, click Domains >> Subdomains, you can then create new sub-domains or manage existing subdomains here. Scroll down to the Existing Subdomains section at the lower section of the page, you can then find and remove the sub-domains from there.

manage, existing subdmains on vps server bluehost

Unassign domains on VPS server

In your hosting account, click Domains >> Domain list. Scroll down to the Domain section where all your domain names are listed. Find the domain you like to unassign, click the Addon in the Type column and confirm to unassign the domain. See below figure.

unassign domain on vps server bluehost

No files will be deleted when you unassign a domain name.

Delete domain from VPS hosting account

Once you have unassign a domain, you can see its status changed from ‘Addon’ to ‘Unassigned’ in the type column. Click to select the domain from the domain list, the domain summary shows up at the right hand side. You can view the domain details, such registrar, expiration date, etc. Click Remove button to delete the domain from the domain list and your VPS server.

remove domain name from vps server bluehost

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