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Have just updated posts or pages in WordPress but the changes not take effect from the front site? This is a problem many WordPress users may encounter. And this issue is mainly caused by the WordPress cache plugins. Check out following link, you can find out what is WordPress cache. Just like every coin has two sides. A WordPress cache plugin can speed up the page loading of our site, but sometimes it delivers the cached version instead of the latest version of our page to website visitors. In this article, we will show you the quick steps to clear or delete WordPress cache from WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache plugins. They are the best WordPress cache plugins to speed up your site. So if you installed the cache plugin for your WordPress site and you run into the web page not updated with changes made, you can troubleshoot the issue following below tips.

Perform “Purge from cache” in WordPress

Log on your WordPress dashboard with the username and password, then go to Posts >> All Posts or Pages >> All Pages, you may realize there is a “Purge from cache” option when you are editing a WordPress post or page. See below figure.

wordpress purge from cache

Click the “Purge from cache” button in the WordPress post or page editor, this will delete the cached WordPress post or page. After that your WordPress cache plugin will save a new copy of the WordPress post or page in cache again.  Visit your WordPress page or post again see if any update, make sure to refresh the page or post, or force your WordPress page to reload by pressing Ctrl+F5 keys on the keyboard when you are using a Windows PC. Now you should see WordPress page will reload with the changes. You can find more details from this tutorial to purge cache in WordPress.

How to clear WordPress cache from WP Super Cache plugin?

WordPress cache plugins should also allow you to quickly delete all cached pages or posts. If you are using the WordPress Super Cache, go to Settings >> WP Super Cache, find a Delete Cached Pages section, hit the Delete Cache button to remove all cached pages that are stored on your web server as HTML and PHP files.

delete wordpress cache using wp super cache

How to delete WordPress cache from W3 Total Cache plugin?

W3 Total Cache is another very popular free cache plugin for WordPress sites. To clear all cached WordPress pages and posts, you can go to Performance >> Dashboard, then click Empty all caches to delete all cached WordPress content at once.

clear wordpress caches in w3tc

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