How to disable app autorun on Windows 10 PC?

Having too many apps and services started with Windows can slow down your PC’s boot time and overall performance. If you use certain software occasionally, but this program impact your computer boot time a lot, you may turn off the auto start of it. Here’s how you can manage which applications and services automatically run when Windows 10 starts up.

Steps to disable auto-run on Windows 10 computer

Right click the Start button at the bottom left corner or the bottom taskbar, a pop-up menu appears, choose Task Manager from the pop-up menu. When the Task Manager starts, navigate to the Startup tab, you will get a screen like below.

disable autorun from startup tab of task manager on windows 10 pc

From this Startup screen, you can find out a list of apps and services, their status, and the Startup impact which means the impact these programs can have on the PC boot time. To turn off autorun in Windows 10, just find the app in the list and right click it, then choose Disable from the pop-up menu, or click to select the app or service from the list first, then hit the Disable button at the bottom right corner to prevent the highlighted app from auto run when your PC starts.

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