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whois privacy protectionDo you know that people can find your email address, mobile phone number, address through public Whois search if they have your domain name? We are never safe in the web. There are too many things we must do as normal internet users to help proptect our privacy and be safer. For example, before you post your photo to blogs, social networks, you have to remove GEO tag of photos; to prevent people download your files and documents, you have to disable directory browsing on your website. To protect domain whois privacy, many webmasters or site owners would purchase whois privacy service to protect their personal data from whois lookup or search. Sometimes however you may have to disable domain privacy, for example it must be turned off when you want to transfer domain from current registrar to a new registrar. In this guide, we will show you how to disable domain privacy protection with WebHost4Life web hosting. WH4L is a famous old name in the hosting industry. It is based in the US offering world class web hosting service to customers around the world. We recommend its hosting sevice for its versatile plans meet your needs, hundreds of free tools and services, best technicial support.
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How to Turn off Domain Privacy Protection with WebHost4Life?

WH4L offers unix hosting customers vDeck as the hosting control panel to manage their websites, domains, databases and emails. You can log on your hosting account with them. Go to Domain >> Domain Central, you can then see a list of all your domain names added to the hosting account. Find and click the domain you want to disable whois privacy to reveal the complete domain management options.

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Click Security tab. Click Disable Domain Privacy if it says your domain’s privacy is currently ENABLED. See below figure.

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Disable Domain Whois Privacy with WebHost4Life Tips

If you find a Buy Domain Privacy button under the Domain Privacy section, or a Add button besides your domain name in the Domain Central, it means you do not have domain whois privacy enabled. If you still can’t transfer the domain from Webhost4life to a new registrar and get privacy enabled error, you have to contact their technicial support to remove or cancel WHOIS privacy for your domain. To transfer domain away from your current registrar, except turnning off domain privacy, you have to unlock domain name from your registrar as well.

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