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Instagram allows you to download your photos one by one to your Android, iOS and computers. However if you have a lot of photos on Instagram need to be saved from the web to your local machine, you need another solution. Instaport is a simple and quick way to save all your Instagram photos to your local hard drive in one go. Note that the below instructions allow you to download any or all photos of your own Instagram account.

Allow Access to Instagram

Once you go to Instaport.me, all you have to do is click the big orange ‘Sign in with Instagram’ button and grant access to your account.

connect instaport with instagram

Instaport.me requires the access to your Instagram account. So the first step is to authorize this app. You can revoke this app’s access at any time later.

Instagram Download Settings

instagram download options

Now select the option, Download .zip file and select Start Export button to download all your photos from Instagram. If you want to download only selected photos, expand Advanced Options and select your desired settings. If you click ‘Advanced Options’ before exporting your photos, you could upload only your last 10 photos, photos between specific dates or photos with a specific tag. This way, your archive becomes much smaller because you’re downloading only those photos that matter to you! You can simply choose ‘Download .zip file’ and then ‘Start export’ to begin the download.

Download Instagram Photos

Instaport will then start downloading Instagram photos to your local computer. It may take some time to process your downloading request. When Instaport finishes downloading all your Instagram photos, it will give you the download link. Once you see the link, just click on it to download all the photos in the zip format. If not, refresh the page again after some time.

Save Instagram Photos to Computer

You can extract the zip archive after the download is complete. The downloading of Instagram photos and albums may take some times depending on how many photos you have. Compared to the manual download one photo after another, this method is much convenient and faster, it download all your Instagram photos in batch and transfer your photos in zip files to save your precious time.

You can download a copy of all your photos from Instagram to your local computer for backup. If like, you can also convert these static pictures into movies with transitions, sound, music, titles and more.

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