Download WordPress Files without FTP

WordPress does not offer an online file manager. Normally we have to manage our WordPress files through FTP clients, such as downloading WordPress files through FTP, edit them on local computers, then upload modified files to WordPress through FTP client again. This is how many WordPress admins do, however it is very convenient. Is there any way we can manamge WordPress files through the backend, so we can download WordPress files without FTP? In this article, we will introduce FileBrowser plugin, a WordPress download files plugin which you can not only download your wordpress pages and files, but also many other functions. For example, you can delete, copy, rename, change file permission, zip, unzip files from WordPress dashboard. Note that if you want to back up WordPress site or download WP database as well, you should refer to this more complete WP backup guide: how to back up and download WordPress files and database without FTP?

Download WordPress Files without FTP

You need to firstly download and install the WordPress file download plugin from your WP dashboard. Log on the admin panel of your WordPress site. Go to Plugins from the left menu panel, then click Add New, search for FileBrowser. Then install and activate the plugin.

Note: this is a very old plugin, the latest update was in 4 years ago. However based on my test, it still works with the latest WordPRess V3.9.1.

When you have installed the WP online file management and browser plugin, it will shows under the Tools section in your WordPress backend control panel. See below screenshots:
manage wordpress files plugin filebrowser

To download a WordPress file from the dashboard, simply click on the file in the File Browser, you will see the option to save or download it. No FTP client will be used any more. If you want to download a WordPress folder without FTP from the Dashboard directly, you have to zip the folder first, then click on the zip file to display the save option and download the whole folder as a compress zip file.

Download WordPress Files without FTP

Here is a list of what you can do with the WordPress File Browser plugin:

  • Browse Files and Folder in WordPress backend
  • Browse Files/Folder
  • Download Files and Folders; You can zip a folder then download it.
  • Edit Files with codemirror, you can edit various files, i.e, html, text, php, etc.
  • ZIP Files and UNZIP Files
  • Delete Files/Folder recursive
  • Copy Files/Folder recursive
  • Move Files/Folder
  • Change permissions of Files/Folder
  • Rename Files/Folder

Important Notes:

Always use it with most careful!!! If you are not an expert or not sure what you are doing with this WordPress plugin, stick to manage your WordPress sites from the dashboard or use a FTP client. Backup your WordPress websites first before you make important changes, such as deleting an unknow file, editing configuration file or theme files, etc.

This WordPress download plugin does not allow you to upload WordPress files, if you downloaded and edited a WordPress file and then want to upload a revised WordPress file, you will still need to use a FTP client or other online file manamgement tools provided by your WordPress web hosting.


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  1. I think it needs to be noted that larger downloads will be less prone to failure if you put the url of the zip file directly into the address bar rather than download the file through the plugin. Otherwise, thankyou, this was exactly what I needed.

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