Enable CloudFlare Free CDN for your Websites with BlueHost

Bluehost and GreenGeeks are two of the top free CDN web hosts. We have compared the two web hosts with their free CDN service here.

A CDN is a content delivery network and allows your website files to be shared on a network of servers worldwide. When you use this service and an end user wants to visit your website, the CDN will serve content for your site from the closest data center available to the user. It also reduces load on your hosting account server which speeds things up for everyone. If you are looking for a quality CDN hosting, you can refer to this post where we discussed which is the best Free CDN hosting for WordPress sites. In this article, we will show your all the instructions and details you will need to know when setting up free CDN service with Bluehost.
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To enable FREE CDN (CloudFlare) for your Websites with Bluehost

To enable CDN (CloudFlare) with Bluehost is extremely easy. BlueHost integrated CloudFlare into their systems so that it’s easy for you to install and start using in minutes. Simply log into your Bluehost control panel (cPanel) and click on the “Upgrades” tab. From there, you can decide which CloudFlare plan is best for your site(s) and then click “Install” to get started.

When you click on the CloudFlare icon it will take you to a page that will allow you to configure your CloudFlare account. On this page you will need to input an email address to create your CloudFlare account (this is a third party company, so you are sharing your information with them). Once you have agreed to the terms and created your account, the CloudFlare options on the right side of the page will appear with your domains.

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At this point, you will want to click on the Activate button for the domain you choose, then it will drop down and show you any sub domains that are available and you can click on the gray cloud on the right side where it says inactive. This should light you up to be an orange cloud showing the service is active now. At this point CloudFlare will begin the process of caching your website and will enable security services to help protect your site from malware attacks, DDOS and other nasty stuff.

Please note that the CloudFlare service requires your domain is using www. to work properly.

Once your CDN service is enabled with Bluehost cPanel, BlueHost will create an free account with CloudFlare on your behalf. CloudFlare will instantly send you a welcome email about their service.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a CloudFlare account through our partner Bluehost. We are excited to have you as a customer.

For your records, your CloudFlare username is: ******@gmail.com

Claim your CloudFlare password at:

Now you can add a website to your CloudFlare account or manage your existing domain through your Bluehost interface.

Since you are new to CloudFlare, here is some important information for you.

What CloudFlare Does:

CloudFlare uses a CDN-like infrastructure to make your site load faster. The improvement in performance means your visitors will stay longer and our caching mechanisms will save you CPU and bandwidth resources.

CloudFlare protects your website by repelling known attackers and blocking web spam. You can set your website security level to high, medium or low.

CloudFlare shows you more information on all the traffic coming to your site. In addition to visitors, you get interesting statistics on search engine crawlers and threats coming to your site too.

CloudFlare comes in two plans: Basic and Pro. The basic CloudFlare plan is absolutely FREE and includes faster site performance, broad security protection, and basic reporting. Are you using other free CDN service? Check out this guide to enable Free CDN for your sites with GreenGeeks.

Free WordPress CDN

If your site is powered by WordPress, you can enable the Jetpack plugin to turn on the module to get the free image CDN for WordPress. After that your site images will be served dynamically from the global WordPress cloud servers. That means less load on your host and faster images for your readers.


  1. I am unsure if i can use the CDN with my wordpress blog in bluehost.
    It is dangerous to move the whole website to cloudfare (maybe i can screw up things and delete my website!). Do you think i can be very confident to just do it and dont stress too much about it?
    Love your content, great writing!

  2. Don’t use this if you have SSL, your site will go down for 12-24 hours or until you ask them to remove the CDN….

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