Increase mouse cursor size in Windows 10

Is the mouse pointer too small for your eyes? The size of the mouse pointer is adjustable in window 10. Here’s how you can quickly enlarge mouse cursor on Windows 10 computer.

Click the Start menu from the bottom-left corner of your PC screen, choose Settings from the pop-up menu. You will see the Windows Settings dialog. Click Device > Mouse.

Mouse settings windows 10
Mouse settings – Windows 10 PC

In the Mouse Settings screen, click the link at the bottom which is titled “Additional Mouse Options“. Now you will open the Mouse Properties in Windows 10, click to switch to the Pointer tab where you can the mouse pointer or cursor size. See below screenshot

make mouse pointer bigger Windows 10
make mouse pointer bigger Windows 10

By default the Windows Default (system scheme) applies, you can change it to Windows Default (large) (system scheme), Windows Default (extra large) (system scheme) or other mouse cursor scheme to make your mouse cursor or pointer bigger in Windows 10.

Finally hit the Apply button to save the change of mouse scheme and enlarge mouse pointer size in Windows 10.

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