Export Gmail Contacts

If you want to move your email contacts from Gmail to another email service, or backup your Gmail contacts, you can export Gmail contacts from Gmail server to your computer. When a copy of your email contacts saved on your local PC or Mac, you can restore your mail contact or import them to another email service or any email clients, such as Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail app, etc. However if you want to add your Gmail account to a mobile device, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, then do not bother as these smartphones or tablets are smart enough to keep your Gmail contacts synced with them.

How to Export Gmail Contacts?

Log on your Gmail account with username and password from a web browser. Then click on Gmail button on the top left corner, you will get a drop down menu, select Contacts item from this Gmail menu.

gmail contacts menu

Your Gmail contacts now open on the right side.  There will be a More button on the top of the Contacts list. Click on it to expand a jump down menu. Select Export item from the menu like this:

export gmail contacts

Now you open the Export contacts settings dialogue in the middle of your browser window. You have to choose which contacts to export, you can select specific contacts or contacts group to export to your local computer, you can also download all contacts in a batch and save them on your PC or Mac. The other option is to select export format. You can export Gmail contacts as Google CSV format for importing into another Google account, you can also choose Outlook CSV format for importing into Outlook or anohter application. If you are using  a Mac, you can export Gmail contacts as vCard format for importing into Apple Address Book or another application. When you made the selection, click on the Export button to download a copy of your Gmail contacts to your computer.

export gmail contacts options

If I am want manage my Gmail account on a mobile, such as iPhone, or a tablet like iPad, do I need to export Gmail contacts to iPad or iPhone? No, you do not need to do it manually. When you add Gmail account to iPad, or iPhone, all your contacts can be synced automatically. Check out below instructions to setup Gmail accounts on an iOS device if like.:

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  1. After down load all contract from g mail , to a outlook CVS file, and then what next, how to save in Hotmail?

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