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A reliable web hosting is crucial to the success of your website and online business. How to find the best web hosting, this is a very important question you should answer. There are many hosting companies in the market, how can you tell a good hosting from numerous others. One useful tip before choosing a web hosting is to review real customers’ comments about a web hosting.

Well, it is actually very difficult to say which hosting is the best for all because different clients have different requirements. However there’re several factors you need to consider before selecting one web hosting, including your budget, your estimated traffic, server types, database, bandwidth, disk space, customer support, etc.

find best web hosting

What’s the price for a good web hosting?

hosting price

What’s your budget on a web hosting? This is the first question you should answer yourself. How much do you plan to spend on the web hosting? Normally you get what you pay for. It might not be good to buy a hosting at a super lower price. Everything has its cost. There are many hosting companies nowadays advertise at a very low price, but their service and products are not quality guaranteed. Then what’s the usual price for a web hosting? Based on our experience, a good web hosting normally charges around $10/month for a shared server hosting plan. Some budget hosting can go as lower as $5/month. Here are some reliable web hosting service providers in the US offering good prices, Arvixe, Bluehost, Justhost, etc.

What’s your web hosting requirements?

hosting requirementsYou need to know what you are going to pay for. Before that, you should ask yourself what kind of website(s) do you get? If you are a small business owner, you need to narrow down to search for the best web hosting for small business or a quality ecommerce & shopping cart hosting. If you just want to have a platform to blog about yourself, your hobbies or a non-profit organization, you can choose a hosting service best for WordPress blog and personal websites. How many sites do you have or are you going to build? Any databases will you need? What’s the server type you need? How about the traffic can you expect? It is good to have a clear goal before you make your purchase decision. For beginners who do not have any experience, you should start with a unlimited web hosting, meaning you can host multiple websites under the same hosting account without limits of server resource usage. The web hosting suits your need is the best web hosting. Without a clear goal, you can barely find the best web hosting.

What’s included in my hosting plan?

hosting serversOne FAQ when choosing the best web hosting is that you may be confused with the unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth offered by many web hosting enterprises. Is it true or false advertising? Actually no web hosting providers will offer unlimited resources. Your hosting company knows that you will not use that much neither. In the real life, if one web master has a very popular website that requires tons of traffic each month, he will not risk to host such a huge website on a shared server with many other hosting clients. For example, you will not expect Yahoo to host its website on a shared server with you, right? You can start small though, when your website becomes bigger, you can upgrade to a VPS server or go for a dedicated server. As usual, most hosting companies should be willing to help you upgrade to a more advanced hosting server with more server resources allocated. If you want a ecommerce hosting for online stores, you need to check your hosting plan see if any free domain, static IP, SSL certificate included, as these are important to setup a secure online store. Some web hosting offer free domain in their hosting packages, some business hosting offer free SSL certificate and hosting.

What kind of support can I get from my hosting?

hosting supportPeople say no one is perfect, it is also true if you say no hosting is perfect. Hosting involves many technical aspects that can run into problem sometimes. A hosting server is a machine that may have glitches. Your website may have incompatible issue with the server. You may have bad neighbors in the same server that can affect the server and your website. Your server could goes down sometimes. There are just so many issues that could happen. Although most of the time, we do not need to worry about them as your hosting company should have the tech specialists to handle all the tech issues. However you should evaluate your hosting see how fast is their response, what kind of support do they offer, how will then fix problems you are most concerned about. We have good hosting experiece with Bluehost hosting and Arvixe hosting, from these two hosting service you should expect very good tech support.

It is not easy to choose a good web hosting. You need to make a clear goal first. Without clear criteria, you will never find the best web hosting. Web hosting evaluation is another important aspect when choosing the best web hosting. You need to browse through what you will get in your hosting plan. Customer support is crucial, without a fast tech support, you will regret when accidents happen. A pracitcal tip before you make your purchase decision is to check out users’ comments and reviews of a certain web hosting service provider. Only those who has long history with many satisfied hosting clients are qualified for the best web hosting.

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