How to Find Out Your WordPress Version?

Which version is my wordpress? It seems to be a very simple question, but many WordPress users find it is not easy to find out the current version of WordPress sites. If you like to check out what version of WordPress you are using, follow below tips and tricks to help you determine your version of WordPress.

What’s my current wordpress version?

Note that we are talking about the self-hosted WordPress blogs or websites, not those blogs on There are different ways you can find out what version of WordPress you are on. The version of your WordPress can be seen in WordPress dashboard, the admin area. You can also check the source page of any WordPress page or post. We will dive into the details below.

Check WordPress version from readme file

The easiest way to check your current WordPress version is to browse the readme.html file directly on your browser. See below screenshot.

find wordpress version by browsing the WordPress readme file

Find out WordPress version from page source code

Open any WordPress page or post on your browser. You can use any web browser on your computer, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc. Once your WordPress page or post opens, right click on the page, and select View Page Source item from the jump-down menu. The source code of your page displays in a new browser tab or window. Different browsers may have different names for this option. When the page HTML source code opens in browser window, search “generator”, you will find your current WordPress versions is displayed in the same line like this <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.9.1″ /> . See below screenshot.
find out wordpress version by viewing page source code

Locate WordPress version from WordPress Dashboard

You can actually easily locate the WordPress version info from Dashboard. Go to Dashboard -> Home.  There will be a ‘At a Glance’ section displays a quick stats of your WordPress site including how many posts, pages, comment you have, what’s your WordPress theme and WordPress version, etc. See below screenshot.
check wordpress version from dashboard home
If you are using an old WordPress version, you may find the WordPress version in the ‘Right Now’ box where you can find your WordPress stats like how many posts/pages/comments/tags you have, your active WordPress theme, etc. It looks like below.
determine wordpress version from dashboard home for old WordPress version

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