Firefox has no sound in Windows 10

Has no sound in Firefox when playing Youtube videos and other online music or movies? Firefox has an option to mute individual tabs. To mute a browser tab in Firefox, right-click the tab and select Mute Tab from the context menu. After that you’ll see a crossed-out speaker icon appear to the left of the browser tab. If you can’t see it but the problem still exist. Try another web browser you have or play some local music on your PC to see if only Firefox has the problem. If the issue occurs in Firefox only, the audio device or other web browsers on your Windows computer work properly. The most common place you should check is the volume mixer.

You should find the volume icon along with Wi-fi and other icons at the bottom-right of the Windows taskbar. If not, you can click the upwards arrow to reveal them. Right click the volume icon, choose Open Volume Mixer from the pop-up menu. You will see the audio device and various apps in the Volume Mixer. Make sure the slider for Mozilla Firefox is not muted or at the bottom.

unmute mozilla firefox browser from volume mixer on windows pc

Restart the Firefox browser and try to play any embedded videos online again. The Firefox no sound issue in Windows 10 should has been solved.

Recording online music

Need to save online music or audio files to your local PC? Windows 10 has the Voice Recorder that is able to record sound input from your microphone. You can’t capture online music and audios from websites. Check out this guide to record internal sound and streaming music in Windows 10 using third-party sound recorders.


  1. Still no sound in Firefox. Tab isn’t muted, and volume mixer is at the same level for all. This issue has been an irritant for months. I rarely even go to Firefox anymore because of this

  2. This doesn’t help. Audio plays fine in Microsoft Edge, all other apps, just not Firefox, and the volume mixer icon is not muted, and the slider is the same level as my other apps. Firefox needs to address their audio issues in Windows 10 as it isn’t my computer.

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