Free Web Page Change Monitor Service

Want to monitor website visual changes? For example, when a new article posted, or any changes of a web page occur, you can get notified through email. is a new web app can do that. It helps you monitor changes of web pages and it sends you an email alert when it detects any change of the page. It is very easy to setup and completely free.

Setup Visual Website Monitoring Service Free

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the web address (URL) of a web page, click Go. The Visual Ping will then create a screenshot image of that page.
  3. Select any area of that page using your mouse.
  4. Set Check Interval, so the monitor service can check back your website or pages. Enter your email address to be notified when the changes happen. You can also set a trigger of the email alert, you can choose to be notify of Tiny Change, Medium Change or Major Change.

Free Web Page Change Monitor Service

The service will monitor visual changes of that particular area of the page in a preset interval and send you an email whenever it detects a change. In this email alert, you will get the before and after screenshots of the specified area.

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